Wind Energy Booming in Oregon: True Or False

Wind energy is slowly becoming just as popular as solar power because of how easy it is to install and use on a regular basis. A lot of people are giving up their high electricity bills and are going with more environmentally-friendly sources of energy so that they can save their local ecosystem and their wallet both at the same time. If you are trying to figure out if solar panels or wind turbines are right for you, it might be a good idea for you to thoroughly do your homework before deciding on any one (more…)

Texas Leads the Nation with its Wind Power Revolution

Whoever said deregulation was a bad thing? The Lone Star state is leaping ahead in the field of green energy by virtue of its largely deregulated energy industry, creating a new face for environment-conscious, intelligent energy acquisition. This kind of competitive green energy world can only exist in Texas because of the state’s unique energy industry regulation limits.

New wind farms are appearing every year in the Lone Star State from Amarillo to Arlington, Texas. They help to cut down on emissions and bolster Texas’ dependence on renewable energy. The country needs more versions of renewable energy that don’t lean on coal or fossil fuels, and the green energy initiatives in Texas are a great start to this process.

Supporting this industry is vital to the planet’s future. In the past, energy companies have been content to shirk responsibility and go straight for profit with no thought to the environment. Modern, green energy companies have much more respect for the environment and for the natural resources of Texas. These companies have been expanding rapidly as more people see the need for and reason for green and renewable energy forms.

Texas has been the leading champion of green energy for several years now, pioneering laissez-faire traditions combined with modern free-market ideals to create a state in which green energy is not only a goal, it is actively encouraged within the energy industry. The new wind farms and battery assemblies in West Texas are no accident: the unique economic opportunities in Texas are a gold mine for entrepreneurs and green energy enthusiasts alike. To get away from restrictive, frustrating energy policies, many businessmen and women have turned to Texas and its open-armed energy industry.

Opportunities abound to turn a startup renewable energy campaign into a workable company, strategy and business plan. No state has more chances for success in energy than Texas: the Lone Star state is the number one choice for the curious and the renewable-energy fanatic alike. With fewer restrictions than other states and a pre-existing wind and renewable-fuel scene, Texas has the attraction of being a great place to live and work.

If you need a reinvigorating environment in which to work, push your green energy initiative or company and be guaranteed a shot at success, Texas is the place to go.

Wind Energy: Which Country Does It Better?

Green energy is picking up around the world, and wind energy is being inveted in by more and more countries. The following countries promote the renewable energy better than any others.


China has the world’s largest wind market, and the country generated 67.7 gigawatts of wind capacity in 2012. In less just over a decade, China has become aleader in the global wind industry, largely because the country’s conventional energy sources are not enough to sustain its (more…)

Little Known Facts About The Benefits Of Wind Energy

Wind energy has many benefits for both people and the environment.

Environmental Benefits

Harnessing wind power reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming.

Wind power does not cost the loss of water circulation in natural habitats.

The energy does not generate any gaseous, radioactive or solid waste.

No drilling, mining or fuel transportation is needed to generate electricity form the wind.

Wind energy is renewable. That means it will never run out, unlike other conventional (more…)

Wind Energy Destined For Greatness And Dominance

Many people believe that wind energy is destined for greatness and dominance. However, the reality of the situation is quite the opposite. Wind energy is a renewable, clean energy source. However, if wind energy is ever going to dominate the renewable energy sector, the cost of producing wind energy needs to drop dramatically.

If wind energy production costs are reduced substantially, wind energy will likely become complementary to other renewable energy sources. The majority of wind energy development will take place offshore. Currently, the viability of wind energy is (more…)

How Nations Can Capitalize On Wind Energy

Wind generators and turbines are used to harvest electricity from the wind. However, wind doesn’t actually contain electrical voltage, but it contains something called kinetic energy. The kinetic energy in wind is converted into electricity. Upon reviewing a modern diagram that explains the process, using wind to generate electricity is rather simple.

Many nations are looking to capitalize on wind energy. There are several ways that nations can capitalize on wind energy. Nations must be willing to go where (more…)

Wind Energy Is The Future: True or False

Wind energy is a renewable resource. Although it does have many advantages, most people aren’t aware of the true disadvantages of wind energy. The reason why most people don’t understand the disadvantages is because so many experts are touting the amazing possibilities that wind energy has to offer. A lot of people are under the impression that wind energy is the future.

Although this seems like a great idea, it’s far from the truth. (more…)

How Poorer Nations Can Benefit From Wind Energy

Wind energy is a renewable resource. There are many poor nations that can benefit greatly from wind energy. Many of the poorest countries in the world can go from the pre-electricity era to modern luxuries. Wind energy can essentially create an industrial revolution for poor countries. Most of the developing countries that are very poor have no existing electrical grid.

The lack of an aging electrical grid gives these developing countries the ability to essentially leapfrog to a completely new era. All these countries need to do is build distributed electricity systems. By doing so, these countries can dramatically reduce (more…)